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welcome to Crossfit Beorn

Forging Elite Fitness

about CrossFit Beorn

Crossfit is 100% for everyone. At crossfit Beorn are main focus is on form and technique. Through this focus we are able to help the complete beginner and serious crossfit competitor

Workout with friends

CrossFit is group based training led by a coach to help keep you on track, keep you safe and make sure you keep reaching your goals. You get the best of personal training and group training at a fraction of the cost. Training in a group really helps push you along and you will soon think of everyone as friends. This friendship helps make a really nice friendly enviroment for people to come and train in. So it is not a scary place!!

Learn something new

CrossFit is defined as "Constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity” We use a combination of Gymnastic (the control of your own body) Weightlifting (the control of an external object) and mono state Cardio (something to get the heartrate up) to challenge and excite your body when you come to workout with us. Learning new skills is important to us and we love the challenge of showing people things they never thought they could do (pull up, handstand push up to name a few!). Just speak to some of our members and they will tell you how proud they are of what they have achieved.

Help is at hand

If you have ever been to a gym, walked in, signed up, then thought, "what do I do now?" We know this happens to so many people and we totally understand. With CrossFit we do all of the programming for you so you are never left wondering what you should do. In the hour session, we will warm you up, explain the WOD (workout of the day) take you through the workout and then have a cool down afterwards. You get all you need in that one hour session. Book onto our free taster to find out more.

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Meet our coaching team

Our coaches love what they do and are only ever one call away to help out. To find out more about the team click on their profile.

Team Member

Richard Peck

Head Coach & Owner

Richard Peck is the owner and head coach at CrossFit Beorn click the + icon to find out more

Team Member



Nicole has been a key member of our team since early 2016 upon moving here from the states. Click the + icon to find out more about her...

Team Member



Sabrina started her CrossFit journey with us in Fall 2012 and has entered compititions and now set on the challenge of helping others. Click the + icon to find out more...

Team Member



Alex as you will find out is a real joy to be around. He has a fantastic depth of knowledge of many training ares. click the profile to find out more.

Team Member

Erin Skinner


Erin is our in (and out) of house nutritionist. She well qualified, is a published author, and has been helping our members for over a year now. We are lucky to have her on board. Click the + icon to find out more about her...

what our members says

We have been helping people reach their goals for nearly 5 years, have a read to see what they think...



"I used to be a fat bastard"

CF BSE is not just a typical Gym, it's a community of likeminded people striving to make themselves better. I started nearly 2 years ago, and I'm now completely hooked. Rich does a great job with the programming, which always pushing you to achieve more than you thought you could. He's always on hand for advice, and tips to improve. I've lost nearly 2 stone, become fitter, stronger, and happier and gained a load of friends along the way.



"CrossFit keeps me sane"

Richard has been a brilliant, supportive coach over the past two years. He is not afraid to be tough, obviously knows what he is talking about and can also be incredibly supportive when needed. The Box programming is always a surprise, I couldn't predict what is going to appear day-to-day and I love that. The workouts are always challenging but achievable and they have enabled me to get fitter and stronger despite suffering running injuries.



"I'm a mum and I need to be fit"

Before joining CrossFit working out was a struggle for me. I was never motivated, bored with the treadmill and not seeing results. I went to CrossFit Beorn with a friend and my first session was a Hero Workout. It was the hardest thing I had ever done, but when I completed it I felt a sense of pride and competitiveness that I had never experienced. That combined with the best coach I have ever had (I have since been to 7 boxes) who not only taught be how to properly perform each movement, but motivated me to improve and taught me healthy eating habits had me hooked! His programming is well balanced and never boring! I cannot say enough great things about CrossFit Beorn. It is truly a gem that forever changed my life by instilling a desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle while having fun!



"one hour a day keeps my desk pains away"

I hit 30 and I had never been so unfit. I was so busy that I never made time for the gym and when I did I would only be motivated to do 10 minutes on a treadmill and I found the rest of the machines very boring. When I started going to Crossfit it was a real shock to the system but you get used to it very quickly and activities like weight lifting which I think I wouldn't enjoy have been great. At the start training with other people seems really daunting but it really spurs you on and everyone is really nice. I prefer it to a personal trainer and plus it works out cheaper than my old gym membership and one PT session. Also all the coaches are a lot better.



"Crossfit Beorn is not like working out with people, it’s like working out with friends."

I didn’t know how much I would love Crossfit until I tried it, 18 months and 3 stone lighter I’m doing handstand push-ups, pull ups, clean & jerks (and the rest). Prior to taking the plunge I was not taking part in any exercise whatsoever, so the thought of box jumps etc made me nervous…. How wrong was I. Richard, Nicole & all the members at the box were so welcoming and made me feel like I was part of something (not just grinding out a workout each day). The workouts are different every day, and I still look forward to heading to the whiteboard to see what’s in store for us each morning. Richard & Nicoles' coaching is first class, and their motivation, knowledge, and attentiveness means that every person in the class gets the most out of every workout. For those of you who feel Crossfit may not be for you, or that you have to be fit already to do Crossfit, all I would say is give it a try. I wasn’t fit when I started, but I am the fittest and strongest I have ever been in my life, and this is all thanks to Richard, Nicole, and the members of Crossfit Beorn



"I used to be average"

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"I wanted fitness to be fun"

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Workout of the day

Our daily workout, please send a request with your name, email address and DOB using the request form below if you wish to have a Beyond The White Board account and log your WOD's!!


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With memberships starting from as little as £35 per month what are you waiting for? Here is a look at some of our most popular memberships, contact us for a full list.


Taster Session

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  • 4 hours of coaching
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